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Blockchain Asset for Bio industry

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UBPT connects biotechnology and companies through blockchain. And we invest and trade through the platform.

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We contribute to the health and welfare of mankind by developing many biotechnology through UBPT.

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UBPT connects with various bio companies. We supply products based on such bio technology to users at a lower cost.

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UB Pacific

Bio tech products

Products such as new drugs, immunity enhancement products, and telemedicine are provided to users through completed biotechnology.

Shares of Bio tech companies

We invest in biotechnology development through acquisition of stocks in bio companies.

Bio tech intellectual property right

Biotechnology companies create new bio intellectual property rights.

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World bio tech Platform

In the meantime, investments in biotechnology have not been much accessible to the public except through stocks of listed companies. UBPT tokenizes patents and stocks of various biotechnology companies and distributes them through blockchain. By distributing it, many users can easily access and use it. Not only P2P but also B2B, you can trade and use in various ways. UBPT will continue to showcase a variety of biotechnology assets.

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